A stylish home design is not complete without a proper organization system. Which is why at BEYOND we are thrilled to share our latest partnership with Professional Organizer and owner of NEAT Method Frisco, Valerie Wood. She brings years of experience creating tidy spaces with a touch of luxury. We are pleased to now offer the NEAT method as a service to our clients and throughout each of our projects, ensuring every space is integrated with a custom organization system suited to individual needs. 

While we are sheltering in place, the organizational efforts do not need to halt. Valerie shared some of her expert recommendations to effectively organize your home for good, guidance on creating functional work from home spaces and more NEAT Method x BEYOND id goodness. Carry-on to learn more about our new favorite new service and how to make the most of this Spring cleaning season.




The biggest obstacle Valerie has found with her clients is that so many of their belongings do not have homes. Meaning items are left on the kitchen counter, thrown in the closet, piled on a desk, and flung randomly because there is no designated area for these items to live. 

According to the NEAT Method, when you begin cleaning an area, every single item must be pulled out and visible. This process creates the opportunity to edit belongings. Spotting out duplicates or untouched items to be sold, donated or tossed.

This also ensures when you’ve completed editing, each remaining item is placed in a designated home. If the space still looks and feels crowded and every item can’t find a home, then it’s time to ask if all of these materials are necessary or think about a secondary, long-term storage solution like watertight bins to keep in the attic or perhaps storage outside of the home.





So often, we’ll begin an organizing task but do not create sustainable solutions to make them lasting, that is where labels change the game. By adding item and category labels to bins, it makes certain that you and anyone in your household is kept accountable and can easily find and place items back in their respective bin where they belong.

For those family members who have difficulty sharing (you know who you are), Valerie suggests creating labeled pantry bins for each family member and dividing the food evenly within each bin. It’s an equitable division of the assets and no one can bogart the favorite chocolate chips cookies or midday snacks. Neat Method even created these custom labels to save you time and effort.



We’ve all seen it, the notorious closet turned black hole, where miscellaneous items are tossed into and never seen again. While daunting, Valerie offers some easy solutions to keep your closet in order. Once items have been pulled out, edited and sorted, it's time to find each piece a home.

This may seem obvious but start by placing the clothing tops on the above-head rack and place bottoms on the lower rack. Housing tops and bottoms on separate racks helps visualize, find or store outfits together efficiently. If you have one rack, then it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the floor and the space above. Invest in shoe shelves, placing your bottoms on the shoe racks to create a new “bottoms” shelf. All seasonable items like scarves, mittens, gloves, bathing suits, and sun hats can be stored in the space above your rack and rotated to an easy to reach area of the closet seasonally. 



For so many of us, working from home is our new normal, however, these at home work spaces are likely scattered and far from serene. Fortunately, portable file systems like these can keep your work belongings sorted and easily transported from room to room. Rolling carts are great if you have additional room.

Another tip for parents working from home, create a bin for your child that is filled with various special occasion activities (art projects, an electronic game, etc.). This bin serves as a tidy solution for housing activities but also serves as a go-to resource to keep your child preoccupied during those very important work calls. Once your task or call is complete, place the special occasion-activities bin away until next time.



For those looking for tasks to tackle while sheltering in place, a Spring 2020 organization project is certainly a viable option.

Valerie also recommends investing in sturdier, better quality organization pieces rather than opting for the less expensive, poor quality alternatives. The NEAT Method has already done the research, testing out various store selections to find the products that remain tried and true. 

Spending a few extra bucks on better quality storage solutions will keep your items safe and outlive the cheaper alternatives ten-fold. If you’d like to shop these items yourself, continue below for some BEYOND id-approved picks.



As we explore the great indoors while obeying the stay-at-home orders, we are familiarizing ourselves with our home interiors more every day. From uninspired bedding to a lackluster backdrop for your video calls, it’s fair to say some of us are in need of a design refresh more than ever. If reimagining your upgraded space has not come easy and you're dealing with a difficult case of wanderlust, we have the perfect Shop Talk for you. 


Commercial home furnishing stores have their place (we wrote a whole piece on it), but those big box interiors can begin to blend together. We are innate storytellers and expect our spaces to do the same, representing our journey and personal flare. That is what intrinsically transforms a one-note house into a home with depth of character. However, discovering the pieces that tell our journey is a challenge of its own. Enter The Citizenry. Their company was built around the philosophy that “personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose” and their timeless collection makes sure of it.

If you have ever wanted to instantly add an Instagrammable spark to your interior but pair it with positive global impact and a sense of individuality, The Citizenry is the place to do it. Well, not necessarily a place, given that they are an online home-good store, but nevertheless, their site is the digital destination. 




Founded and led by Texas-raised entrepreneurs, Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley, the two ventured out to build a community that champions creators. They travel far and wide, developing lasting relationships with gifted, dedicated artisans to reimagine global interior furnishings with their modern eye. 

Meeting at the start of their freshman year at Texas A&M University, they created a connection from their mutual love of travel which grew into something larger than life. Now as they travel the world together, Carly and Rachel have created a business network with talented makers in Argentina, Chile, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, and more. Each handcrafted piece they curate feels unique and cultured, created with a current filter to adapt and coexist in nearly any room and color palette. 




If their beginnings and method of design aren’t enough, their business operations will comfort any social-conscious shopper. Carly, Rachel and their team personally tour for talented makers and work directly with them to develop a sustainable business model, maintaining fair trade standards throughout. In fact, each partner has a profile and story highlighted on the site for consumer transparency and 10% of proceeds are invested back into artisan communities.  Different from luxury boutiques, The Citizenry’s personal connections ensure healthy, open collaborations to benefit their artisans with continued success and offers an incredible line of home-goods we get to enjoy. 

























The best of The Citizenry offers an international flare, immediately revitalizing a space with a worldly, well-traveled touch without ever leaving the confines of your home. Layer this Peruvian wool throw pillow and blanket to brighten a seating area. Spruce up a coffee table moment with a hand-thrown and glazed in Dublin vase or these eye catching Puebla marble coasters and entertaining set. These pieces are sure to spark conversation with your visitors (post COVID-19 of course) and might even spark the slightest bit of envy. 

We are partial to the hand-braided, palm leaf Mercado baskets from their latest Desert Calm collection and these amazing leather bins. You can never go wrong with cozy, organizational furnishings that dual as a statement piece and storage alternative. They offer the ultimate quick style boost with warmth, texture, and functionality. 

We’ll leave you to peruse our favorite finds and uncover why The Citizenry is our internet happy place these days. 

There’s nothing quite like visiting your grandparents, nestled comfortably on the overstuffed, patterned sofa, enveloped by the smell of something freshly baked with the sound of Turner Classic movies filling the background. Reminiscing a moment like this gives more than enough reason to understand the increasingly popular trend now known as, Grandmillennial style.



The term was coined by House Beautiful last fall, however, the movement has been on the rise for a few years with design-savvy 20 and 30-somethings taking serious notes from their older loved ones' homes to create their very own granny chic spaces. Experts credit the origin of this trend to the need to distract from negativity by leveraging nostalgia and comfort in new, fresh ways.



Now you may still be asking yourself, what in the world is Grandmillennial style. At first glance, the name doesn’t evoke a clear image. But trust us, when you see these beautifully layered spaces balancing the vibrant, chintzy designs from past generations with the crisp, polished finish of our contemporary, present day, the word takes on new life.



During this old school renaissance, millennials are drawing inspiration from Victorian and English Country design, curating classic pieces and features that have otherwise been deemed outdated or old-fashioned. Think shapely, skirted sofas, glossy, cane furniture, gilded hanging mirrors, ruffled bedding and plenty of eye-catching patterns for walls and curtains to match. Smaller pieces that offer an instant Grandmillennial style boost include a bold ginger jar (get a pair for extra measure) and pleated lampshades throughout the room. Not to mention, adding extra flash to your window treatments with swag and tail details. Retailers have also followed suit, producing a great array of Grandmillennial offerings like this upgraded needle point pillow and this chintz floral wallpaper.


The secret to keeping these spaces from feeling stuffy is to balance the traditional elements with unexpected moments like contemporary art or a muted, neutral furniture piece. This ensures the space still has the essence of the warm, comfort felt while visiting a grandparent but with the modern luxuries of 2020. Take our recent photoshoot featuring our fierce founder for example, the cool, floral wallpaper and tufted, velvet couch create a Grandmillennial statement but feels current with the modern lighting.



So while we are staying safe at home, now is the perfect time to rummage through those boxes stored in the far corners of the attic and see what gems have been hiding. Perhaps a forgotten antique, maybe a family hand-me-down that sparks memories of yesteryear, or if you’re lucky, a vintage heirloom waiting to be put on display. If you don’t happen to have a twentieth century treasure trove in your home, fear not, there are plenty of surefire pieces to discover online. Happy hunting!

Our clients put a lot of care into their homes, which is why we want to make sure they work with the best in the business. Therefore, we've put together a luxury home realtor index, comprising the top realtors in the Dallas area. These experts can help our clients buy and sell their luxury homes!



"When modernism is perfectly executed, it creates a harmony between the man-made world and nature, it tames the chaos in our lives with order and continuity, and it elevates our attitude."



Luxury real-estate duo, Beca Gibson and Paige Schmitt, have had great success in some of Dallas's hottest neighborhoods. They've proven this by earning the "Top Producer" honor at Sotheby's International for several years now. Their specialties include buying, selling, and investing.


With unmistakable style and unmatched market knowledge, these are the hallmarks of lifetime agents, Ralph Randall and Madeline Jobst.

Decades of friendship and a legacy of industry leadership finally come together in a premier real estate partnership, fueled by a kindred mindset and shared dedication to the people, the heritage and the homes that make Dallas great.


Andrew Painter and Phillip Jackson are two of the most dynamic, young real estate agents in Frisco, Texas. Their knowledge of North Texas real estate serves their Dallas area clients seeking more space for their family.


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Clay Stapp+Co realtors!






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