Our clients put a lot of care into their homes, which is why we want to make sure they work with the best in the business. Therefore, we've put together a luxury home realtor index, comprising the top realtors in the Dallas area. These experts can help our clients buy and sell their luxury homes!



"When modernism is perfectly executed, it creates a harmony between the man-made world and nature, it tames the chaos in our lives with order and continuity, and it elevates our attitude."



Luxury real-estate duo, Beca Gibson and Paige Schmitt, have had great success in some of Dallas's hottest neighborhoods. They've proven this by earning the "Top Producer" honor at Sotheby's International for several years now. Their specialties include buying, selling, and investing.


With unmistakable style and unmatched market knowledge, these are the hallmarks of lifetime agents, Ralph Randall and Madeline Jobst.

Decades of friendship and a legacy of industry leadership finally come together in a premier real estate partnership, fueled by a kindred mindset and shared dedication to the people, the heritage and the homes that make Dallas great.


Andrew Painter and Phillip Jackson are two of the most dynamic, young real estate agents in Frisco, Texas. Their knowledge of North Texas real estate serves their Dallas area clients seeking more space for their family.


Check out our projects, Cowan + Prosper, listed by
Clay Stapp+Co realtors!






According to a study by Delos, a wellness-design innovations company,  we spend 90% of our time indoors, with two-thirds of that time spent at home. Due to the current, global health situation, we're occupying our residential spaces even more. Because of that, it's vital our homes promote our health and overall wellbeing. In this blog, we'll cover the most important elements to focus on inside your home, while also providing healthy solutions to improve the quality of your space.


We typically think of air pollutants existing outdoors, but research shows concentrations of allergins, toxins, and pollutants can be up to five times higher indoors. Poor air quality can greatly impact our health. While short-term effects include respiratory irritation, long-term adverse effects include increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lung cancers, and other respiratory issues. Therefore, the level of air pollutants in our everyday spaces is vitally important.

Thankfully, a movement of wellness-inspired design solutions has swept over the design community. While we're all familiar with air purifiers and their function, the technology has rapidly advanced in sophistication and sleekness. Samsung's Cube Air Purifier, for example, uses a laser-monitoring system to provide real-time air quality measurements. Always reading the room's conditions, it adapts to and improves the air in its given space.


It's true that Americans benefit from better-quality drinking water than other countries. Our water treatment infrastructure, however, is aging and deteriorating, leading it to receive a grade "D" by the American Society of Civil Engineers in their most recent report. Additionally, the EPA has estimated that US water infrastructure needs over $734 billion in improvements.

As our systems break down, water contaminants increase. In just the past five years, nearly 77 million Americans lived in communities whose water systems violated at least one Safe Drinking Water Act rule, with over 88,000 total violations.

To help people take control of their water contaminant levels, many companies are offering professional-grade water filtration systems. Brondell, for example, offers an under-the-counter reverse osmosis (RO) water filter system that features a four-step filtering process that's 10x more efficient than typical RO systems. Award-winning Australian company, Zip, has developed a tap-system that provides instant purified chilled, boiling, and sparkling water.


Working or studying from home doesn't necessarily mean you'll be spending more time inside. However, with many businesses closing to accommodate social distancing, the need or reason to leave one's home has decreased. This could, indirectly, cause people to stay indoors more than usual. With that in mind, we need to be aware of our space's quality of light.

As discussed in a previous blog, lighting has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. It affects our sleep patterns, our mood, our stress levels. That's why it's essential our inside spaces receive as much natural light — or light mimicking natural conditions — as possible during this time.

Top-of-the-line, smart home light integrations — like Delos's Darwin circadian lighting and Ketra's human-centric dynamic lights — mirror natural light patterns. These do require more advanced installations (and we highly recommend them for future projects), but the Eria smart lightbulb kit can be implemented right away. As featured in our Healthy Design: Lighting blog, this smart kit allows users to activate a circadian light setting and the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of these bulbs is 90+. (CRI measures the color an object looks under artificial light in contrast to natural light, with a 90+ rating deemed as "excellent" light.)


By now, we've probably all given our homes a scrub down (or two) and we're definitely more conscious about the surfaces we touch when arriving home. With that said, many of us will neglect cleaning the cleaning tools themselves, leaving us exposed to unwanted contaminants. For that reason, we recommend touchless cleaning solutions.

Typically, we don't think of touchless hand dryers or paper towel dispensers in the home. In fact, touchless soap dispensers just recently joined hand-sensor trashcans as semi-common household products. Appliances like these, however, can make all the difference when trying to keep a sanitized home.

Robot vacuums and mops can also be great solutions. Our daily habits and cleaning routine have already changed so much, so if there's a tool out there that can operate on a consistent schedule (giving you one less thing to think about) take advantage of it!


As stated earlier, we spend 90% of our lives inside, and 66% of that time at home. So no matter the situation, it's important your home promotes healthiness. If it seems like too many solutions to implement on your own, no worries! We're here to help.


In February 2020, Beyond's head designer, Juliana Oliveira, traveled to Spain with a group of Dallas designers to tour the home facilities of Porcelanosa. As an international modern design firm, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn from the elegant, cutting-edge, design-solutions company whose products we often use in the spaces we design. We thought the trip would provide us a sneak peek into their latest innovations, but the experience gave us so much more.


One of the central elements of the trip was the tour of Porcelanosa’s home facility. As Daniel Sacco from NMDArch said, “Experiencing Porcelanosa firsthand is a discovery paramount to any relevant designer today.” For Juliana, this couldn’t have been more true. “[The tour] gave us a completely new perspective on innovative design and fabrication of top-of-the-line products and solutions,” she said. “Also, it was inspiring to see the way Porcelanosa is using their product from an international perspective, allowing us designers to broaden our horizons and think outside-the-box when creating new spaces here in the US.” 

Additionally, Juliana saw an emphasis on natural materials during her tour — natural stone, real wood, and even man-made materials that mimic naturals ones. This, in particular, excited her, for biophilic design has greatly influenced Juliana's approach to design. It was even more exciting to see their newest technology Krion, a material Porcelanosa developed with air-purifying qualities. 


To complement the tour of the Spanish company's facilities, Porcelanosa took the group to some of Spain's most influential cities in terms of design. This part of the trip allowed the Dallas designers to experience firsthand the architectural and cultural influences on Porcelanosa.

showing the vibrancy of madrid design

For Juliana, the rich and lively atmosphere of Madrid captivated her. “The vibrancy of the colors and materials, as well as the detail in the architecture, was very influential to me,” she said. It reminded her of another key element of Porcelanosa’s newest line — boldness. Bold colors and finishes, even in countertops and cabinetry. 

Her time in Valencia also left quite an impression on her. As the birthplace of world-renowned architect and engineer, Santiago Calatrava, the city has been shaped by his architecture. "Calatrava's scale, lines, and clear inspiration from nature was refreshing and impactful to my experience in Spain," Juliana said.

calatrava and dallas designers in valencia

Calatrava's modern work grows out of the ancient Spanish grounds, placed next to centuries-old buildings. The group loved his about Spain, or European travel, in general. “European travel always gives me an added architectural glimpse of the juxtaposition between historical and new,” said Rene Gracia, founding partner of RGD+B. Juliana, too, loved seeing “the marriage of the old and the new.”


Perhaps most surprising about Juliana’s trip was how sharing it with other design professionals elevated the overall experience. “We were able to bounce ideas off one another, expanding the conversation beyond what was relevant to just one person or firm, “ she said. As a group of builders, interior designers, and architects, “each of us came out looking for something different — different solutions for our specific challenges. And, as each of our questions were answered, we were exposed to all of the given solutions, enriching each of our professional perspectives.” 

Daniel, too, felt the Porcelanosa experience was only enhanced by sharing it with other designers from his community. “Take a group of passionate, hard-working & creative design professionals from the DFW area and fully immerse them in Spanish culture and the Porcelanosa brand and lifestyle, characterized by excellence and sophistication — it's hard not to walk away feeling inspired and awestruck.”

Juliana’s experience with Porcelanosa makes her excited for the future of design solutions, and she can’t wait to start implementing them here in the United States.

Touch is a powerful sense. The perceived feel of a material or surface alone can dictate how we experience a space. Think about it – when browsing through interior design magazines or online publications, we can almost feel the plush carpet between our toes or imagine gliding our hands over the sleek marble countertop. The visual cues and millisecond experiences send signals to the brain that immediately affect how a space affects us. And that is the power of texture.


When designing an interior space, the effects that obvious foundational elements  – color, shape, pattern – have on oneself are easier to articulate.  For example, in the image below, the dark colors immediately tell us this dining room is bold, edgy. At the same time, the pattern of the rug and natural tones from the wood and leather chairs soften the overall appearance.

modern Dallas dining room

But more is affecting how you perceive this room. It can't be defined by color or pattern. It's texture – another foundation to interior design. Observe the "wood" elements. The console table is sleek and reflective while the dining table has grooves like natural wood. The two pieces give a different perceived feel and style which adds to the experience of the room. This space was designed for a couple who had two different styles: modern and boho chic. With that in mind, see if you can point out how texture draws out both of our clients' unique styles.


To understand how to incorporate texture in design, one must, first, be able to define it. Merriam-Webster defines texture as "the visual or tactile surface characteristics and appearance of something." Often times, people understand texture only in the obvious form, such as velvet couches or geometric wall art. In truth, everything has texture, which means one has to decide how the textures of a space will interact with one another (or the relationship between textures in a space).

texture in interior design


Have you ever walked into a space and thought, "This room is heavy (or bulky)," or, "Why does this room seem flat?" That's typically the result of overusing a certain type of texture. In general, you always want some interior design elements to pop — make a statement — while others support the space. It's all about balance. Just like a movie or play, you can't have a coherent story with a bunch of leading roles and no supporting characters, or vise versa. So you have know how to properly add elements to your space that will say something about you and your style.

How you decide to orchestrate texture in your space is entirely up to you and the scope of your interior design project. When remodeling or undergoing a new build, you can incorporate eye-catching texture in the elements of your space, such as 3D tiles in the wall or matte finishes on the cabinetry. If your existing space seems loud and crowded, think about removing some elements or replacing them with softer, less blaring textures. Remember, it's all about a balanced space, and louder textures weigh more than subtler ones.


When it comes to modern design, the constant desire to have only sleek lines can oftentimes create a flat experience. In this case, adding bold textures can really liven a space. If you want to keep the colder (and we say this in the nicest way possible!), more chic look, try adding sculptural elements, such as art or wall finishes. For those who enjoy their modern spaces but love some pizzazz, one can never go wrong with adding some fluff, like a luxurious rug or throw or possibly a furry pillow or chair.

What textures you use in your interior design project will greatly determine how others experience your space and, most importantly, how you experience your space. If you feel like this is still something you need help with, we're always here for you!

Choosing the right interior designer is no simple task. Many factors come into play that will shape the experience and overall outcome of the design. Additionally, depending on the scope of your project, you could be working with your designer for months, possibly years. That's why we believe it's important you find someone right for you. In order to do that, you need to know how interior designers differentiate themselves in terms of service and style. To help you feel confident about your choice, here are some things to consider when hiring your interior designer.


First and foremost, you want an interior designer who can give you a design that matches your aesthetic (or your business’s brand, for you commercial clients). Even if you don’t know your style, per se, you can easily determine if a designer’s style matches yours by looking at their portfolio. If their work speaks to you, add them to your list! You want someone who’s skilled in designing your aesthetic so they can personalize their design to you. 


modern versus transitional

Beyond Interior Design specializes in modern design with an international influence. We also help clients transition their home, breathing modern life into their current aesthetic.


Another factor to consider is the level of service you’d like your interior designer to perform. For example, we at Beyond Interior Design are a full-service design firm. Therefore, simply put, when we take over a project, we handle everything — from design to build-out and everything in between. If you don’t have the know-how and time to put together a cohesive space, full-service design is a great option for you. 

On the other hand, you may want a designer to consult on your space, giving you ideas that you can later execute. Or you could, like many people, lie in the in-between and want a designer to create the design while you make the purchases and take over the build-out. No matter the level of service you’re looking for, there are designers out there for you. You just need to know what level of service fits your needs. 


To further hone in on a designer that’s right for your project, consider what special interests or design goals you have and compare them to those of the designers you're considering. Are you someone who wants a connected house, aesthetically and wirelessly? If so, perhaps you want a designer experienced in incorporating smart-home technology into their designs. Do you live a natural and holistic life? Maybe you'd benefit from a designer who has biophilic and sustainable design principles at their core. The more aligned you are with your designer, the easier it is for them to create a space personalized to you. Even if they don't advertise their specialty, ask them more about what inspires them. The discovery process is a two-way street so take advantage of it!

natural organic interior design


When considering the cost of design, you must take into account the designer's fees as well as the implementation of the design. Still, understanding the cost of design can be tricky because numerous factors come into play. A designer's vendors (i.e. sources for furnishings, finishes, etc.) will heavily impact the overall cost, as will the level of service. With some services, such as e-design or consultation packages, the design cost is stated upfront, and you have more control over the vendors you purchase from. Therefore, the total cost of design is easier to grasp. For full-service design firms, it’s more complex, as a designer simply can’t provide an accurate project quote until after the products are sourced and the design is complete. 

Don’t worry, there are still ways for you to understand if your budget matches the cost of a designer. For one, you can tell them the scope and desired budget of your project and ask if that's accomplishable by their firm. You could also determine if the designer has a project minimum and what that minimum is. We’ll use ourselves in another example. Because we typically design custom kitchens, we average at least $60-$100K for kitchen remodels. Additionally, we have a $50K project minimum. If those numbers are not in your budget this time around, that’s totally ok! But it’s helpful to understand that early on so you can make the right decision when selecting a designer.



Who oversees the build-out of my design? 

Some interior design firms hire general contractors to oversee the build-out of a design while other designers have the credentials (i.e. contractor’s license) to manage the project themselves. Many benefits come from hiring a designer who will also project manage the buildout, including streamlined communication, accurate implementation, and shared industry discounts. 


What’s your fee structure — hourly or flat-fee?

Most designers offer two types of fee structures, hourly or flat-fee, both of which are pretty straightforward. A designer either bills the clients for hours worked or creates a flat-fee based on estimated hours worked. Some clients really love the flat-fee because they know the number upfront. It’s important to understand that flat-fees are typically derived from estimated total hours plus hours for unforeseen issues or design edits. In other words, clients might pay for more hours than actually worked. Other people enjoying an hourly fee structure because they only pay for hours worked. They just don’t know the total cost of design fees until after services are complete. 


How transparent is your design firm? 

Transparency is key, especially for hourly-fee firms, because you should know where your money is going. One thing we do at Beyond Interior Design is offer monthly invoices with detailed descriptions of all hours logged. 

Now that you know what factors to consider when selecting your interior designer, you can confidently hire someone who will excel at your project. If that interior designer happens to be us, wonderful! We can't wait to speak with you more and start our journey together. 


beyond interior design style and cost

Beyond Interior Design awaits excitingly for what 2020 will bring. We've already filled up the beginning of the year, which is a thrilling way to start the new decade. But before we push ahead, we'd like to spend time looking back on 2019 and showcase our work of the 2010s' final year.

modern interior design condo


This past year, we've had the unique opportunity to work on some amazing projects close to our Uptown office. We completely transformed one unit at the Renaissance at Turtle Creek, which was formally Texas traditional, through-and-through. We also redesigned a space for one of the penthouses at The Katy, taking advantage of its floor-to-ceiling windows and long, continuous space.

modern interior design new builds


Residential building in Dallas has grown exponentially in the past several years, especially as the metroplex gained over 1 million new residents since 2010. Just because people are buying new-builds, though, doesn't mean they're perfect as-is. People still want to set their houses apart, creating spaces that represent them. We had the special opportunity to give a few new builds the interior makeover the new owners needed to feel represented by their home.

modern interior design spec homes


Over the past year, we've developed a blooming partnership with Grand Development and Clay Stapp + Co, creating a series of modern spec homes in Inwood Park with a flare of international influence. We're excited about what we've brought to the northwest Dallas neighborhood, and we look forward to our projects in 2020!

modern outdoor design


Don't be fooled, our jobs as interior designers don't constrain our abilities to transform only interior spaces. We redesigned outdoor areas in 2019, giving clients spaces where they could enjoy the Texas sun in style.

Thanks to all of our clients making this past year possible! We can't wait to get started on all our new projects in 2020. 


No matter how hard the retail industry tries to push all the holiday deals as early as possible, many people still find themselves shopping for last-minute gifts for the holidays. That situation can be quite stressful. Do not fear, though. We’ve comprised a list of seven last-minute gifts we think your friends and family will absolutely love! (Plus, they’ll never know you only had a few days to pull the gift together — BONUS!)


If you know the person you’re shopping for loves a certain spirit, maybe you’ve bought them a bottle of that elixir before. Change it up this year and surprise them with a new set of cocktail glasses and Assouline recipe book. The book will act as a great accent piece to the receiver’s coffee table or bar, and the new glasses will give them a fresh feel to their barware collection.


Unless someone’s tragically allergic to chocolate, everyone loves chocolate, making it a great holiday gift for even the ones you’re not sure how to shop for. To elevate the gift, go with a deluxe chocolate maker, either online or local. Compartes and Kate Weiser make beautifully designed chocolates with fantastic presentation — they’re the perfect sweet treat for colleagues, friends, and loved ones.


After the holidays, you’re loved ones are going to need another holiday to decompress. It’s only natural. That’s why a short getaway can be the perfect gift for those on your list. With minimalistic cabins outside major US cities, Getaway offers the perfect weekend getaway for stressed-out city dwellers who want to disconnect. The company’s website offers gift cards or you can purchase the getaway perhaps for a loved one or close couple. You can book a trip for your special someone and you or give a gift card so others can enjoy.


If you’ve read Five fragrances to fill your home, you know we believe home fragrances make excellent gifts. Smell heavily affects how a person experiences a space. Therefore, gifting an elegant home fragrance to someone on your list means gifting them the opportunity to provide their guests an enhanced experience. For a full list of our five favorite fragrances, hop over to our earlier post (once you’ve finished this one, of course).


As a modern designer, we’re most definitely going to recommend modern decor as a last-minute gift. If you know the person’s style and have a general idea of their home’s design, a piece of decor can be an extremely personal gift. It shows you know the person and pay attention to the things that represent them. Located in Dallas, Kasart carries a wide variety of modern decor and gifts, but for those outside of the metroplex, find a local modern shop in your neighborhood. That’s where the truly unique pieces live.


For your friends and family members who try to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, there’s an array of gifts you can select for them. The Phillips light alarm clock uses a gradual light instead of sound to awaken people, mimicking the natural rising of the sun. Humidifiers can improve your and your home’s overall health, helping prevent certain airborne illnesses for you and prolonging the life of your plants, flooring, and furniture by creating humidity. We also love the Ullo Wine Purifier, which cleans our sulfates and sediments in one’s wine.


There few things more relaxing than laying on a picnic blanket, basking in the sun, enjoying some wine and cheese. But there are always issues keeping the wine at the right temperature and dealing with all the glassware. That’s why we find Corkcicle’s wine tumbler and canteen so convenient. You can leave the glass at home and use this durable set to enjoy your wine wherever your adventures take you. Plus, the company has numerous options and the designs are modern and sleek.

Now that you have a last-minute gift list, it’s time to get going!

PROJECT: Tamarisk

Amy and her family had been living in their Plano home for over 25 years, and it came to the point where they were either going to buy a new house or remodel their current one. Amy and her husband made a beautiful life in this house. They raised three kids in it. It was truly their home.

So, they decided to stay and called us to bring their 1978 home into the 21st century.

Having lived in the house for so long, Amy knew exactly how she wanted to improve her space — open up the galley kitchen to the living room and dining room. She also wanted to give the 40-year-old home a makeover — update the style and give it a fresh, clean look that would last for decades to come. We took her suggestions and ran with them, giving her the space of her dreams in the home her family filled with memories.


The biggest task in the remodel was knocking down the wall that separated Amy’s kitchen from the surrounding primary spaces. Opening up that area brought in an incredible amount of light, which accentuated the white kitchen we designed for her.


modern kitchen wall textures



“There’s a moment where the backsplash wraps around the cabinets up to the ceiling and it meets the wood paneling on the adjacent wall. It’s a beautiful meeting of two contrasting materials. I just love it.” — ABBEY, Junior Designer at Beyond Interior Design




When we first entered the house (prior to the remodel), we saw two separate spaces — the dining room and living room — with an entry to the kitchen on your left. The removal of the kitchen wall changed those two adjoining spaces. With one large connected space, we had the opportunity to create a cohesive design that flowed throughout the home.



In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the domino effect (if you change one thing, it will often change another). With the kitchen and dining rooms open to the living room, we knew we’d need to update the stairs and fireplace to maintain a fluid aesthetic. To achieve this, we created a custom, sleek fireplace wall and slimmed down the finishings of the staircase.

Love this look?
SHOP IT by clicking any of the before+after photos! 

We're excited to announce that the international tile, kitchen, and bath company Porcelanosa has invited Head Designer Juliana Oliveira to tour their facilities in February 2020. Juliana will travel to Spain with a small, exclusive group of industry professionals to take a peek at the company's newest line of products and see where the 50-year-old business first began.

As an internationally-inspired, modern interior designer, Juliana sources materials from all over the world, but Porcelanosa holds a special place in the design hearts of Juliana and the rest of the Beyond team. The company's cutting-edge designs don't keep up with the trends, they set them. When we use their products, we know the end result will be innovative, one-of-a-kind, and truly exceptional.

While collaborating with Clay Stapp + Co. and Grand Development on their Northwest Dallas new-builds, we've had the special opportunity to fully take advantage of the wide array of products Porcelanosa offers, allowing us to create distinctive modern palettes.

Porcelanosa modern bathroom Dallas texture tile
Porcelanosa modern bathroom texture tilePorcelanosa modern kitchen DallasPorcelanosa modern kitchen Dallas

In some of our designs, we'll source an entire space with Porcelanosa products. Other times, we utilize their materials as accents, such as in backsplashes or countertops. Either way, Porcelanosa products truly enhance a space.

Porcelanosa modern kitchen Dallas backsplash and counter

Porcelanosa modern kitchen Dallas

We're constantly following the European company to get inspiration, which is why we're so excited to tour their facility in February and see what they'll be producing for Spring 2020!

Porcelanosa inspiration board

Be sure to keep an eye out for our post-Porcelanosa trip blog! 

This blog was NOT paid for by Porcelanosa. We just simply love them. 

On a chilly winter's day, there are few reasons one would get out from under the comfort of the covers and brave the cold. Heading to one's favorite coffee shop and grabbing their favorite brew is one of those reasons. All coffee aficionados have their go-to cafes. Some people choose their spot based on coffee alone, others need a quality brew and vibe that fits them. For us, as you can imagine, the design of a coffee shop greatly impacts our experience. So, for this warming post, we'll share with you our favorite local, Dallas coffee shops where the brew and design make for a wonderful experience.



Popping out of the monotonous color-palette of Downtown Dallas is the vibrant blue-and-white-tiled coffee bar and market, Commissary. Trying to capture the beautiful Texas sky in an otherwise grey-toned city, artist Jorge Pardo designed the five-story building to incorporate over 27,000 blue-toned tiles, sourced from Guadalajara, that change in appearance based on the time of day. The meticulously thought-out design creates an energetic space, making it a great place for friends to grab a quick caffeine fix or for creatives to work and feel inspired!
DRINK OF CHOICE: Mocha Latte. Chocolate and coffee in one cup, mmmm.



There's nothing that doesn't impress about Brewed+Pressed (see what we did there?). Everything from their milks to their chocolate is house-made, which means the quality of their coffee and treats is unmatched. Using natural materials and colors, the space's modern, minimalistic design mirrors the coffee shop's organic purpose — which we absolutely love.
DRINK OF CHOICE: Honey Cinnamon Latte. Sweet, spice, and everything nice.



If you're looking for a classic French cafe, with an artistic, mid-century twist to it, Magnolia Sous Le Pont is the place to go. This is a coffee house that invites you to stay and leisurely enjoy your brew — honestly, you'll probably never want to leave. If you're a fan of artisanal coffee and unique creations, you'll love trying the various drink options Magnolia has to offer. Carve out some time and treat yourself to a chill afternoon at this one-of-a-kind cafe. 
Lavender Latte or Matcha Latte — we couldn't choose one!



Based in San Antonio, Merit Coffee's popularity has grown exponentially in the past two years, allowing the Texas roaster to begin serving Dallas and Austin. Architect Michael Hsu (responsible for the design of Austin's Uchi, La Condesa, and Sway) designed the Deep Ellum location, turning the warehouse space into a modern, wood-toned cafe.
DRINK OF CHOICE: Batch brew. Keep it simple and fully enjoy.



In the heart of the Bishops Arts District lies SERVE, a healthy coffee house and eatery. In addition to serving unique and delicious brews, this go-to place for the southwest Dallas community offers acai bowls and scrumptious sandwiches and toast. The quaint, repurposed Dallas house has a white, curated interior with natural wood and black accents, two design features we absolutely love.
DRINK OF CHOICE: Honey lavender matcha latte. It's like our two favorite drinks from Sous Le Pont in one!

Now, after writing this post, we're going to have to excuse ourselves and take a latte break. We recommend you do the same!

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