You finished your interior design before the holidays — what a glorious feeling! Now, you can share your new space with your family and friends by hosting this year's holiday feast. You're sure to invite out-of-towners who will be thrilled to stay in your revamped guest room(s). And while we have no doubt you've maintained your home as if the installation was completed yesterday, there some finishing touches you can make to ensure your family and friends achieve full comfort in your space.

To help maximize your guests' stay, we've created a checklist of ten guest room must-haves. Don't worry, we'll provide a printable document you can have on-hand when preparing for your family and friends.


Having clean bedding is kind of a given (we hope), but providing your guests with extra blankets and towels (wash, hand, and bath) will ensure their comfort needs are met. If you're lacking a particular space for these items, not a problem. A basket can hold extra blankets or towels and act as an extra decor piece in a space.


If you're anything like us, the thought of keeping your nicely pressed holiday dinner ensemble squished in your suitcase any longer than absolutely necessary makes you cringe. Therefore, you know it's essential your guests have a place to store their hangups as soon as they get settled in. If you don't have a closet, an over-the-door hanger or wall hooks can easily solve the problem.

Don't forget the suitcase itself. Lying on the floor, luggage can consume valuable walking space and get in your guests' way. A simple luggage rack can take care of this problem if your room is lacking an empty dresser and closet.

guest room toiletries


While you can't be expected to stock up on everyone's particular moisturizer or after-shave, supplying your guests with basic toiletries — shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and toothpaste — will help alleviate the possible need for them to make an extra trip to the local drugstore. A good rule-of-thumb when selecting products: choose something you'd be happy using at someone else's home.


Even if you enjoy a phone-free night of rest, we live in a world where 71% of people sleep near or with their phones, so having a nightstand with an accompanying outlet or extension cord is another guest room necessity.


If after seeing number 4 you couldn't help but shake your head at us for slightly enabling phones near the bed-zone, don't shame us just yet! We also recommend having a clock with an alarm sitting on the nightstand so guests who prefer sleeping without their phones can still have the convenience of knowing the time and setting an alarm if they choose.

6. TISSUESguest room amenities

Cold weather sure has a way of bringing in the sniffles, and, as we all know, tissues sure do beat walking to the restroom to use that square of toilet paper. Having a box of tissues in your guests' room is a small detail that could go a long way.


Whether your guest needs to dispose of a tag from a newly purchased dress or one of those tissues you so conveniently provided, they shouldn't have to search for the nearest wastebasket. Placing one in your guests' room can help them, and inevitably you, keep your space clean and organized.

guest room floor mirror8. FULL-LENGTH MIRROR

Usually, when guests come into town, it's for a special occasion. They've prepared an outfit from head to toe, and it's hard to capture the whole look in a vanity mirror. Placing a full-length mirror in your guest room can be super easy. Just like the over-the-door hook, you can hang a mirror behind the entry or closet door or place a standing mirror along a wall, creating a stylish and functional piece of decor.


Because those staying with you will find themselves in an unfamiliar space, having a nightlight can help your guests avoid stumbling around at night. If the guest bathroom isn't located off the room, another nightlight or two guiding the way will be greatly appreciated.


As mentioned in our previous post, Five fragrances to fill your home, our olfactory sense helps shape the way we experience our surroundings, so having a pleasant fragrance placed in your spare room is a must. Choose something warm and inviting and place it a couple of days prior to your guests arriving. That will give you time to test the fragrance's potency and, if you enjoy the scent, allow it to settle in its environment.



Once you've completed the checklist, your guest room is ready to accept all family and friends for the holidays. Just be careful, they may enjoy their stay so much, they won't ever want to leave!

Print your
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As we step into the holiday season, we all begin preparing our homes for those occasions where we invite our family, friends, and colleagues to share the joy and company of one another in our space. Often, this involves a dose of fall cleaning and perhaps some decorating, but it should also include updating your home fragrances.

While it was once believed the olfactory sense had little importance to humans, in the last decade, scientists have discovered quite the opposite. Just like it shapes the way other living creatures interact with their surroundings, smell plays an extremely important role in how humans experience their environment. Therefore, even if you're planning to tantalize your guests with the aromas of your home cooking, there's always an opportunity to create a moment that triggers positive reactions to your space via enchanting scents. It could be in the bathroom where your family will wash up before dinner or the guest bedroom your sister and brother-in-law will stay. If you've gone through the effort of designing and preparing your space for them, you can elevate it even higher with a wonderful home fragrance. To help you pick the right one for your home, we'll give you five of our favorites so you'll have a quality selection from which to choose.



modern home jo malone



We don't want to call this scent our favorite, but there's a reason it's at the top of our list. It pleases everyone. Period. Just recently, we were photographing one of our home designs and our design assistant kept commenting on the fantastic smell of the client's home. We informed her it was Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir and our two other colleagues broke out with emphatic nodding and praise because they too obsess over this scent.


Nest home fragrance




NEST consistently produces fan-favorite home fragrances (and perfumes), but Moroccan Amber truly is a classic. While coming in both the candle and diffuser, we tend to favor the candle, as it produces a lovely smell even when unlit.



Diptyque luxury home fragrance



The legendary, Parisian perfumery, Diptyque, creates some of the most elegant, high-end fragrance lines on the market. While encapsulating the scent of freshly picked berries, blended with roses, Baies (berries) extends its warm-weather notes and can be appreciated during any season.




West Elm modern home fragrance


West Elm's Apotheke Pur Charcoal reed diffuser is an easy go-to for us. The simple, black design complements any modern space, and the scent that fills the air is one of white cedar and sandalwood.


Anthropologie home fragrance candle



"This candle smells exactly like Anthropologie's Capri Blue Volcano" is how other candle stores try to pitch their similar smelling, but inferior, products. This Anthropologie home staple is highly sought after by those trying to recreate the olfactory atmosphere so beloved by the store's customers. While the candle also comes in a standard container, this iridescent jar carries a bit more style.




The great thing about these home fragrances is that they also make great gifts! So while you're out picking up your NEST Moroccan Amber or Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir, grab one for someone else and you can cross that person off your gift list!


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