The interconnectedness of interior design and fashion has existed since long before our time. As one category progresses, developing a new artistic vision, it influences and drives the other category and vice versa. From color palettes and textiles to the art of self-expression, the relationship between the two is ever-evolving.

Fashion designer, Lizna Kabani, knew the industry was her calling from a young age, designing garments in her mind in the fifth grade. And while this passion led her to fashion school, it was not until she was home caring for her first child that she realized her dream to develop her own line. Now, a wife and mother of two, she is leading her own label, creating contemporary apparel while also gearing up to pursue her MBA this fall to continue building her business.


For those fluent in interior design or fashion, their eye for style can often help them navigate the sister world. So when Lizna, one of our favorite Dallas fashion designers asked BEYOND id to create a beautiful outdoor space we said yes, knowing this would be a stimulating, creative and collaborative experience for both sides.


And with that deep mutual love for design, this project was off to the races. Our BEYOND id team set out to create an elevated yet practical outdoor living and entertainment space that matched the interior finishes of the Kabani home. With comfortable, modern poolside seating, an a cabana-inspired, all fresco dining space, and an epic, tasteful playhouse for the little ones, we did just that. Browse the new digs below.




This week, we caught up with Lizna to find out how she and her family are living this new normal and quarantining in her BEYOND id-designed space. 

“Truly, the most that we've enjoyed the space is right now, in quarantine, '' says Lizna. “We are outside every day. We eat outside with the kids, when the kids go to bed, my husband and I enjoy the firepit and the playground is an everyday favorite.”




True to her profession, Lizna’s favorite feature of the new space is the mixing of high and low pieces. While a popular trend in fashion, integrating upscale, statement items and less-expensive items is often seen in interior design as well. Lizna mentions that their eye-catching, grey-finished table is Elite Modern while the dining table chairs are from Wayfair. The rope-textured chairs complement the modern, concrete-inspired table wonderfully but are easily replaceable if needed. 

Lizna also can’t get enough of the color palette. In contrast to the bright outdoors, we created a soothing, neutral environment in a sea of gray but added statement moments with pops of black and white. You can see this style throughout the home, and we wanted to ensure a sense of continuity in the outdoor space, like with the striped throw pillows on the outdoor seating area. 



“I live and breathe design elements in my everyday life. From garment manufacturing to my bedding at home, the presentation is key to me,” says Lizna shared when asked about the importance of design in her life. “To have vision of a design, then watching it unfold and come to life is rewarding beyond words.”

Safe to say that when fashion meets interior design, it’s a beautiful thing.  

We are especially grateful to have clients like Lizna, who are a joy to work with and fierce matriarchs in their own right. From BEYOND id, thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to all! 



Beyond Interior Design awaits excitingly for what 2020 will bring. We've already filled up the beginning of the year, which is a thrilling way to start the new decade. But before we push ahead, we'd like to spend time looking back on 2019 and showcase our work of the 2010s' final year.

modern interior design condo


This past year, we've had the unique opportunity to work on some amazing projects close to our Uptown office. We completely transformed one unit at the Renaissance at Turtle Creek, which was formally Texas traditional, through-and-through. We also redesigned a space for one of the penthouses at The Katy, taking advantage of its floor-to-ceiling windows and long, continuous space.

modern interior design new builds


Residential building in Dallas has grown exponentially in the past several years, especially as the metroplex gained over 1 million new residents since 2010. Just because people are buying new-builds, though, doesn't mean they're perfect as-is. People still want to set their houses apart, creating spaces that represent them. We had the special opportunity to give a few new builds the interior makeover the new owners needed to feel represented by their home.

modern interior design spec homes


Over the past year, we've developed a blooming partnership with Grand Development and Clay Stapp + Co, creating a series of modern spec homes in Inwood Park with a flare of international influence. We're excited about what we've brought to the northwest Dallas neighborhood, and we look forward to our projects in 2020!

modern outdoor design


Don't be fooled, our jobs as interior designers don't constrain our abilities to transform only interior spaces. We redesigned outdoor areas in 2019, giving clients spaces where they could enjoy the Texas sun in style.

Thanks to all of our clients making this past year possible! We can't wait to get started on all our new projects in 2020. 


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