As we explore the great indoors while obeying the stay-at-home orders, we are familiarizing ourselves with our home interiors more every day. From uninspired bedding to a lackluster backdrop for your video calls, it’s fair to say some of us are in need of a design refresh more than ever. If reimagining your upgraded space has not come easy and you're dealing with a difficult case of wanderlust, we have the perfect Shop Talk for you. 


Commercial home furnishing stores have their place (we wrote a whole piece on it), but those big box interiors can begin to blend together. We are innate storytellers and expect our spaces to do the same, representing our journey and personal flare. That is what intrinsically transforms a one-note house into a home with depth of character. However, discovering the pieces that tell our journey is a challenge of its own. Enter The Citizenry. Their company was built around the philosophy that “personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose” and their timeless collection makes sure of it.

If you have ever wanted to instantly add an Instagrammable spark to your interior but pair it with positive global impact and a sense of individuality, The Citizenry is the place to do it. Well, not necessarily a place, given that they are an online home-good store, but nevertheless, their site is the digital destination. 




Founded and led by Texas-raised entrepreneurs, Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley, the two ventured out to build a community that champions creators. They travel far and wide, developing lasting relationships with gifted, dedicated artisans to reimagine global interior furnishings with their modern eye. 

Meeting at the start of their freshman year at Texas A&M University, they created a connection from their mutual love of travel which grew into something larger than life. Now as they travel the world together, Carly and Rachel have created a business network with talented makers in Argentina, Chile, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, and more. Each handcrafted piece they curate feels unique and cultured, created with a current filter to adapt and coexist in nearly any room and color palette. 




If their beginnings and method of design aren’t enough, their business operations will comfort any social-conscious shopper. Carly, Rachel and their team personally tour for talented makers and work directly with them to develop a sustainable business model, maintaining fair trade standards throughout. In fact, each partner has a profile and story highlighted on the site for consumer transparency and 10% of proceeds are invested back into artisan communities.  Different from luxury boutiques, The Citizenry’s personal connections ensure healthy, open collaborations to benefit their artisans with continued success and offers an incredible line of home-goods we get to enjoy. 

























The best of The Citizenry offers an international flare, immediately revitalizing a space with a worldly, well-traveled touch without ever leaving the confines of your home. Layer this Peruvian wool throw pillow and blanket to brighten a seating area. Spruce up a coffee table moment with a hand-thrown and glazed in Dublin vase or these eye catching Puebla marble coasters and entertaining set. These pieces are sure to spark conversation with your visitors (post COVID-19 of course) and might even spark the slightest bit of envy. 

We are partial to the hand-braided, palm leaf Mercado baskets from their latest Desert Calm collection and these amazing leather bins. You can never go wrong with cozy, organizational furnishings that dual as a statement piece and storage alternative. They offer the ultimate quick style boost with warmth, texture, and functionality. 

We’ll leave you to peruse our favorite finds and uncover why The Citizenry is our internet happy place these days. 

In our previous Shop Talk, we highlighted a local, modern decor store, explaining how shops like Kasart are where you find those unique, eye-catching pieces for your interior design. We love our local businesses, but big-box home furnishing stores, like West Elm and CB2, have their benefits, too! In this edition, we'll discuss exactly what those benefits are.

commercial interior design inspiration

Roar + Rabbit™ Brass Geo Inlay Bed, West Elm

When it's time to replace a large piece of furniture in your home (bed, sofa, dining table), it often means you'll also replace many of the space's supporting pieces – bedding, coffee tables, media stands, dining chairs, etc. This is usually the point where clients come to us, saying "I have to refurnish my place but have no idea what I'm doing. Can you help?" And of course we can! Nothing brings us more joy than helping people with their interior design projects (truly). But for those people who love to DIY or who may not have room for an interior designer in their budget, commercial home furnishing stores can be great places to start when updating one's space.

One of the best features stores like West Elm and CB2 have is their room or style photos. Because these stores sell everything from sofas to hanging mirrors, nearly all of the items featured in their photos are purchasable from their shop. These photos act as advertisements, showing people how great their space could look if they purchase the accompanying pieces, but they can also be helpful tools for those who want guidance in keeping design continuity in their space.

interior design inspiration photo CB2

Click the image to shop this room!

Another benefit of stores like CB2 and West Elm is they offer a diverse range of neutral styles, allowing them to appeal to a majority of modern design lovers. Are you one for minimalist luxe? Or perhaps mid-century is your cup of tea. Either way, the commercial modern furnishing store will have your style.

diverse interior design inspiration

Need help finding your style, read our Four Styles of Modern Design blog!

Don't feel limited to just these shops. There are a handful of stores you can explore to find out which one best matches your budget and style.

modern commercial home furnishing stores

And, in the end, if you feel stuck, an interior designer will always be there for you, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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